Franmara Cork Retriever

Why It's Cool: It just works, and pulls that cork right out of the bottle.

There is an all-too common problem that arises when you drink a lot of wine: when you are trying to pull the cork, you push it - some or all of it -  into the bottle. We find that this happens especially with older wines, when the cork is soggy and moldy and breaks. But it happens also with longer corks, when the worm of your corkscrew is not long enough to go all the way through the cork. And it will happen also with synthetic corks that simply get pushed into the bottle, instead of being pulled.

SO … what to do, when the cork has been pushed down into the bottle (and often that problem is combined with a squirt of wine in your face or on your clothing!) or the cork has broken or disintegrated into smaller bits, floating in your wine? For this there is the Cork Retriever. The principle of this Cool Tool is to insert its three prongs into the bottle, pull back on the sleeve to open the prongs to the appropriate position to grasp the cork, or the pieces/fragments of cork floating on the top of your wine, and then, pulling up and lowering the sleeve at the same time, you will retrieve the cork/fragments from your wine. Problem solved!

Excellent design, with consummate, highly effective functionality … a very Cool Tool that you need in your wine toolkit! And you’ll want to be sure that all your friends and family have this tool in theirs as well!


  • Stainless Steel and plastic
  • 10”/25cm long
  • 2¾”/7cm wide at handle
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