Trudeau Silicone Muffin Pan

Why It's Cool: A muffin pan with the structural and cooking benefits of metal and the non-stick and flexibility benefits of silicone.

Ever since silicone muffin pans were first introduced, I thought the idea was brilliant and kept buying and trying them, usually with disappointing results. They were either floppy, or not very non-stick, or cooked food poorly...or all three. But the idea of flexible muffin cups that allow you to push muffins out easily still intrigued me, and I knew that not all silicone pans are created equal. There must be someone somewhere who could make one that lived up to my hopes.

Well, that day finally has arrived…

The Trudeau Silicone Muffin Pan is the one I’ve been looking for, without actually knowing it. First, it has an integrated steel structure around the outside, so you don’t have to put it on a baking sheet to put it in or take it out of the oven. It has the slickest interior of any muffin pan we’ve used, so it’s far better at letting go of your cooked muffin than any other pan I’ve used (although we still recommend spraying the cups with a little oil before putting your batter in). Of course, you still have the flexibility of silicone, so you can push the muffins out from the bottom. And the muffins that I have made in this pan actually have a beautifully browned exterior, so unlike the anemic exterior that so often accompanies food baked in silicone.

And see our tip for making Poached Eggs for a Crowd--we used the 12-cup muffin pan to make up to 12 poached eggs at once! And a British friend bought these to make Toad in a Hole, and is delighted with the results.

Yes, Virginia, you can have it all: the convenience of silicone done right, with the cooking properties of metal; in short, a Cool Tool!


  • 2 sizes:
    • 12-cup full sized muffins (3"/7.5cm diameter)
    • 20-cup mini muffins (2"/5cm diameter)
  • Integrated steel structure
  • European grade silicone
  • BPA Free
  • Cooks evenly
  • Easy release
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Lifetime warranty
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