Colbrook Kitchen Picnic on the go!

Why It's Cool: Makes you ready to picnic, any time, any where--everything you need but the bread, wine and cheese!

Picture this: you're driving down a beautiful country road, it’s about noon, and you see a wonderful little country store, with wine, a variety of sausages, maybe some beautiful artisan bread, and some lovely cheeses. Everything you need for an impromptu picnic, right? Well, almost everything.

But now you ask yourself: How will I open the wine? What will I drink the wine out of, that doesn’t make it taste like waxed paper or bad plastic? How will I cut the bread, cheese and sausage ...and on what surface? If I bought spreads or salads, how will I eat them without resorting to flimsy throw-away flatware? And what if I don’t finish the wine, but want to save it for later (in my car trunk, of course!)

Well, at Colbrook Kitchen, we’ve been there, so we have you covered with our new Picnic on the go!™ Kit. It’s compact enough to throw into (and keep) in your car, and it’s ready to picnic whenever you are. It’s also great to take with you to a summer concert, to the beach, or even in your backpack on a hike. In short, it’s the perfect picnic companion to give you and a friend the freedom and ability to enjoy a picnic wherever and whenever you want.

Here’s what’s in the sturdy cardboard tube (more than $40 value), and they are all Dishwasher Safe!

  • 2 govino Wine Glasses: the gold standard for portable wine glasses in Napa Valley
  • 1 Charles Viancin Silicone Cutting Board
  • 1 Tovolo Serrated Utility Knife with Sheath
  • 1 Franmara Stainless Steel Waiter’s Corkscrew
  • 2 Sets Michael Aram Madhouse Reusable Plastic Flatware (knife, fork and spoon)
  • 1 Charles Viancin Wine Stopper

These are all “best of show” tools: the Cool Tools we use in exactly the situation we’ve described … and in combination, Picnic on the go!™ is a very Cool Tool in itself!

We also think this is the perfect summer gift, and to encourage that, we’re offering a special price of $35 each on 5 or more kits!

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