RSVP Endurance Collapsible Colander

Why It's Cool: Bring style to every day kitchen helpers--a beautiful and effective colander!

The primary job of a colander is: to allow you to drain liquid off of solids, whether it’s rinsing fruits or vegetables, draining pasta, to hold fruit and allow air to circulate around it, and the hundreds of other uses that a colander does, day in and day out.

But a colander has a secondary, and perhaps even a tertiary job: not take up a lot of room and not look ugly. In the “not take up a lot of room” function, let’s face it, most colanders are just big and clunky. True, some collapse, but they usually have holes only at the bottom, so their functionality isn’t all that we could desire. In the “not look ugly” function: well, how many colanders have you seen that you could really say: “wow, that looks great!”

Well, at Colbrook Kitchen we never stop looking for what we think are the best designs, most functional, and, if possible, most beautiful tools for your kitchen. And, have we found a good one for you .…

The RSVP Endurance Collapsible Colander is knock-out gorgeous, collapses to ⅓ its size, and performs all the functions that a really good colander should. To open it, you merely pull up the sides, and to collapse it again, just push the two buttons above the bowl.

Made of highly polished 18/8 stainless steel, this is the kind of piece that is not only functional but a sculpturally decorative item as well--something you can feel good about leaving out on your counter. This resembles a beautiful Italian design piece, at a fraction of the price.  And of course, with holes (triangular ones at that!) over the entire surface of the bowl, it’s highly effective, to both drain your food (in its most utilitarian role) and use as a fruit bowl (in one of its many decorative, as well as utilitarian, roles).

In other words, this is truly a Cool Tool that will bring both beauty and function to your kitchen.


  • 18/8 stainless steel
  • 3 Quart/2.84 Liter capacity
  • 9”/23cm diameter bowl, when opened
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