Final Touch Decanter Dryer

Why It's Cool: Sleek stainless steel, with a base that catches drips and a removable rod for easy storage

Sometimes you just need a thin long rigid thing with a soft tip that sticks straight up. (OK, I don’t know where your minds are going, but I’m talking about a decanter dryer!)

Decanter dryers are incredibly useful for drying all sorts of bottles, carafes, pitchers, etc., anything, in fact, that needs to hang upside down and let air circulate inside so that the moisture drains out and evaporates. It’s particularly useful for anything with a narrow neck, which makes hand drying very difficult, like our water bottles that we try to keep by our side so that we remember to hydrate. And it’s so much better than trying to balance your decanter precariously in your drain basket, risking damage or breakage.

The problem with most decanter dryers is that they take up a lot of room, and when they’re not gainfully employed to dry something, they are often in the way. That is what makes the FInal Touch Decanter Dryer such a revelation!

First, the 12.5”/32cm long stainless steel post unscrews from the 9”/23cm diameter stainless steel base, so the whole stand becomes very compact for storage. Then the base is a drip tray so that whatever you’re drying drips into the base rather than onto your counter--this is a huge improvement on previous common models.

Another great feature of this decanter dryer is that the post, which is topped with a rubber tip to protect your decanter, is slim enough to fit into even a slim wine bottle neck, so that increases the number of items that this dryer can dry.

All in all - great design with attractive, effective differences that deliver excellent functionality … definitely a Cool Tool!


  • Drying post is removable for compact storage
  • Base catches drips from decanter as it dries
  • Keep your countertop clean, dry and stain-free
  • Brushed stainless steel base and post
  • Rubber tip on post to protect decanter
  • Non-slip rubber feet
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