MADHOUSE by Michael Aram Condiment (or Nut) Tray

Why It's Cool: Outdoor dining just got a whole lot more stylish and a lot more green!

The weather is finally warming up, and that brings thoughts of eating outdoors: whether it’s a picnic on the beach, a trip to the country, lunch in the park, an outdoor concert, or just a barbecue in your own backyard. And when you eat outdoors, you don’t necessarily want to schlep your china and flatware with you. But you don’t want to use a bunch of flimsy single-use stuff that just gets thrown away.

Well, there’s eating outdoors, and there’s EATING OUTDOORS; the difference is style (with a nod to the environment as well).

Picture yourself eating outdoors, with something way better than disposable paper or plastic plates that can collapse under heavy food, knowing that you’re not adding to the landfill, and looking cooler than cool with your Michael Aram designed dishwasher safe plates and flatware. And the best part is that these are really beautifully priced.

Michael Aram, the fabulous home decor designer who elevates life’s everyday moments so their natural beauty shines through, has worked primarily in metal, glass and china. But this year he’s turned his talents to outdoor dining with a collection called MADHOUSE (Michael Aram Design House), that is both beautiful and practical (a very Cool combination).

The MADHOUSE Twig Collection is evocative of nature and looks like a lovely tree branch.

The Condiment Server has a rectangular Twig base with three 5-ounce bowls - also in the Twig design - that fit securely into the recesses of the base for stable carrying from kitchen to outdoors … it’s great for the traditional ketchup/mustard/relish tray, as well as for offering 3 kinds of nuts as an easy hors d’oeuvre.The uses for this handy tool are limited only by your imagination.

So get one for yourself and some more as gifts to make everyone’s outdoor eating just a little more special. Yes, these are truly Cool Tools.


  • Melamine tray is 12.5” X 4.5” (31.75cm X 11.5cm) with
  • 3 Eastman Tritan bowls that are 3.75”/9.5cm in diameter
  • Holding approximately 5 ounces in each bowl
  • Dishwasher Safe
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