Tovolo Perfect Cube Silicone Ice Trays (Set of 2)

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Why It's Cool: Freezes a variety of things in perfect cubes, from ice to herb nuggets and more!

If you’re like us, then you may think: why do I need an ice cube tray? My freezer makes all the ice I need without human intervention. That’s what we thought until we saw the video below from Team Chefsteps in Seattle. Making flavor nuggets seemed a good reason to have an ice tray. Then we pureed some tomatoes from our garden (but farmers’ market tomatoes are just as good), cooked them down, and froze them in the ice cube tray. Now we have another kind of nugget that adds a wonderful flavor note to so many dishes. (And the tomato puree never discolored the trays!)

Next we saw just how pretty square cubes could be, and even prettier if you freeze fruit, flowers or herbs in them.

Then there’s the idea of freezing coffee to make non-diluted iced coffee, or tea for the same purpose. How about freezing cubes of fresh citrus juice, when citrus is plentiful and cheap to use later? We’ve all become accustomed to time-shifting - think DVRs and their equivalents. Now we can season-shift: save special fruits and vegetables when they’re readily available, to enjoy in the off-season when they’re not!

For all these reasons and so many more that we’re learning every day, we love these Perfect Cube Ice Trays from Tovolo and find them, quite literally, to be Cool Tools!


  • Set of 2 trays
  • Each tray makes 15 - 1¼″/3cm cubes
  • Available in two colors: Red and “Colbrook Kitchen Blue”
  • Durable food-grade silicone trays produce well-formed cubes
  • Cubes are easy to remove & won't split, shard, or crack
  • Long-lasting, fade-resistant color
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