Nuance Hot Guard

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Why It's Cool: Sleek stainless steel design with a dual function: heat your food and protect your table.

We all need trivets for handling or serving any hot dish: to protect your countertops or your dining table. If you have ever forgotten to use one, then you’ve never forgotten the damage a hot dish can do, especially to wood.

Sometimes, when a dish is particularly hot, you want a trivet that doesn’t just sit right on the table, but raises your dish up off the table, providing both the trivet and a cushion of air to protect your table. And an added benefit of that cushion of air is that you can slide a tea light underneath the trivet to keep your dish warm.

Both of these are benefits of the beautiful stainless steel “Hot Guard” from Nuance designed by Marcus Vagnby*.

This 6.3”/16cm X 19.7”/50cm trivet / serving station / warming platform has the clean sleekness of pure Scandinavian design. With six ¼” stainless steel rods with 1” spacing between them and a height 1 ½”, it both elevates and draws attention to the food. And there is ample space underneath the Hot Guard to put a tea light on a Charles Viancin Silicone Coaster and make this a multi-tasking warming tray.


  • Stainless Steel
  • 6.3”/16cm X 19.7”/50cm
  • Holds dishes 1 ½” above the table

*Marcus Vagnby (born 1981) is the third generation in a renowned design family and was therefore inspired at an early age by both his father's and his grandfather's sketches and artworks. As a child, he lived out many of his creative ideas with Lego blocks or drew on the underside of the tables in his childhood home. Marcus Vagnby has since trained as an industrial designer and studied at the Danish Design School and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts' School of Architecture.

When functionality and aesthetics are carefully combined, the result is an extra dimension in itself’

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