Cool Tip: Breading Fish (and Other Stuff)...

We’ve all breaded fish fillets - milk, flour, egg, crumbs, right? - so we know it can be such a mess!

No longer! Simply assign each of your hands - you must use both hands - to their respective set of ingredients.

One hand should handle only the raw fish, the milk-dipped fillet, and the egg-dipped fillet: the “wet” hand. The other hand - the “dry” hand - handles only the flour-dipped fillet and the crumb-dipped fillet. As you move from each wet to dry step, place the fillet with the hand from the last step into the ingredient for the next step, and then remove with the other hand.

Since your “wet” hand never touches the dry ingredients, you won’t end up with those ever-growing clumps on the end of your fingers!