Cool Tip: A Great Way to Eat Your Greens...

So after we tried potato chips, and then sweet potato chips, and then apple chips and even pear chips, we thought: what else can we make a "chip" out of?

Well our sister-in-law mentioned that she loved kale chips. Hmmm, kale chips, sounded weird to us, but in the pursuit of science we thought we'd investigate.

First we bought some kale chips at our local high end market. They were expensive, but pretty tasty, particularly for something that was also good for us. So now that we had some idea of what the end result should look and taste like, we went to work.

It turns out that it takes a whole lot of kale to make a small amount of "chips". Fortunately, kale is not that expensive, so it doesn't cost very much to have a whole lot of kale. While you can make this with no oil, we found that just a small spritz of olive oil from one of the
EVO Sprayer, made the chips taste better. So we put them in a bowl, misted them with a little olive oil, added a little salt and some Parmesan cheese and then piled them on the Mastrad Chips Maker tray. In 3 minutes we had a great, healthy snack... Who knew? Here are a couple of recipes: Easy Yummy Kale Chips and Kale Chips.