Cool Tip: The Perfect Spice? Yes Indeed!

The Perfect Spice? Yes Indeed!

We first discovered Perfect Spice, a Canadian product, many years ago when our friends from Canada brought about a case with them and produced a bottle, like magic, at every meal… what a revelation! It made everything we sprinkled it on taste better.

We’re told that this is the “11 Herbs & Spices” in the original Kentucky Fried Chicken Recipe ...a delicious combination of seasoning ingredients that goes well with ...EVERYTHING!

From Cottage Cheese, to Roast Chicken (see Friday’s recipe), and anything in between: Bloody Marys, Tuna Salad, Asparagus, you name it  ...this is one of the few prepared ingredients we use regularly in Colbrook Kitchen, and we truly love it! And we know that you will too!

You can buy it direct from
Perfect Spice. Tell them Colbrook Kitchen sent you!