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Well, its that time of year--the time to face the fact that we've over-eaten over the holidays, our waistbands are tighter, and the results didn't disappear in a month...or two.  So it's back on the Dukan Diet, which means, among other things, no potatoes for a while.

So what do you do with any potatoes you have to give them the best chance of lasting until you're off your diet?  Here's a tip from Cooks Illustrated that should help:

Store potatoes in a cool dark place with an apple to extend the life of the potato.  “the ripe apple gives off ethylene gas as it respires. Simply put, the ethylene gas, as well as other organic alcohols emitted by the apple, suppresses the elongation of the potatoes’ cells, which is what causes the sprouts to form.”

Now don't you feel smarter?