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It's the beginning of truffle season, and if you're fortunate to have access to fresh truffles, here are some tips for storage:

To be enjoyed at their best, truffles should be consumed as soon as possible. They are best enjoyed within a few days of being unearthed.

To help keep them longer, gently wrap them in absorbent paper (such as a paper towel) and store in a dry glass/plastic jar/container in the least cold part of the refrigerator. Do NOT remove soil traces on the tuber before wrapping.

The absorbent paper should be changed daily, and the jar/container must be kept dry.

Truffles have a very strong aroma which will quickly impregnate any other foods in the fridge, so it's important to store them in their own container. However, the good news about this is that if you put some fresh eggs in the container with the truffles, then the egg yolks will pick up some of the truffle aroma and flavor, and you'll get double duty out of your truffles.

White truffles can be stored for about one week, and the black varieties a few days longer.