Camerons Non-Stick Grilling Mesh

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Why It's Cool: Keeps your food from dropping through or sticking to your grill

There are many dishes that can benefit from some grill-time - right? But either they’re too messy to put directly onto the grill - think anything with a saucy marinade - or the ingredients are too small and will fall through the grill - like scallops or vegetables - or they need to be cooked quickly but will stick to the grill - think fish or chicken breasts .…

But using aluminum foil isn’t a good solution for several reasons: it doesn’t let the flame through to impart flavor or grill marks, it doesn’t let liquid evaporate and can lead to steaming instead of grilling, our turner or tongs are just as likely to cut the foil as to lift the protein cleanly when done, and all that fussing takes time, which can lead to burned or overcooked food.

The solution to these issues is the Camerons Non-Stick Grilling Mesh!

The product name just about says it all: simply place this non-stick mesh over your grill, and the approximately ⅛” square grid openings (5 openings per inch) allow excess marinade to drip below, while the flame can still get through to char and flavor your ingredients. Almost nothing solid that you’re going to cook on your grill (maybe pine-nuts, but how often is that likely?) will fall through these holes! The non-stick surface minimizes your need for “oil” to cook your food, and assures easy lift-off - with turner or tongs - when your food is done. Alternatively, you can lift-off the entire mesh sheet with your food in place, if you need to quickly finish cooking. And it cleans up handily in the dishwasher! Finally, the Vendor states clearly that this PTFE-coated mesh is PFOA free, so you should not have to be concerned about any of those issues.

Yes this is a Cool Tool: simple basic design (in flat or basket shape) that delivers excellent functionality, enabling more dishes on your table that can benefit from a little Grill-time! Since Summer is just around the corner, make the Camerons Non-Stick Grilling Mesh part of your grilling toolkit!


  • Flat: 13.25”/33.65cm x 18”/45.72cm
  • Basket: 12”/30.48cm x 12”/30.48cm, with raised edges on all sides to keep food on mesh and make turning easy.
  • Can be used on grills, in the oven or in the microwave
  • Heat Resistant to 500ºF/260ºC
  • PTFE Coating
  • PFOA Free
  • Dishwasher Safe
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