Camerons Smoking Chips

Why It's Cool: All your favorite wood flavors in convenient, ready-to-use form

When using the Camerons Stovetop Smoker, you can choose from 9 varieties of wood chips - 100% real wood, processed to remove the natural resins that leave an unpleasant taste in your food, and chopped very fine specifically for use in the Smoker.

Each has its own flavor profile, for pairing with your food...

  • Alder is most often used to smoke salmon, but it imparts a delicate flavor to other fish and vegetables. This is the benchmark for true Northwestern smoked salmon.

  • Apple is a favorite among many competitive grill masters, with its mild and fruity flavor. Recommended for game fish and poultry, it can be used in the Smoker or soaked and sprinkled on your charcoal when grilling.

  • Cherry has a rich deeper fruit flavor, making it a favorite for game birds as well as vegetables. And we like how it flavors a simple chicken breast for Cobb Salad or Caesar Salad.

  • Hickory is the classic hardwood for real “Q” ...perfect for any cut of pork - from ribs to butt and everything in between. And we smoke most of our chilies and tomatoes with Hickory. For us, Hickory is the Gold Standard for smoking!

  • Mesquite is the flavor of Southwestern cuisine: strong and distinctive, it imparts big flavor to everything from beef or chicken for tacos, to chile rellenos. Don’t overdo this one: too much can make your food bitter!

  • Pecan is another Southwestern favorite, adding a milder flavor to pork, lamb or game.

  • Oak is considered the “backbone” of smoking flavors, used commercially for a wide range of products: especially sausages. Try it on your next batch of homemade chicken sausages!

  • Bourbon-soaked Oak gives that extra flavor note to your red meats: try it on beef, buffalo, or venison, in brisket, ribs, or just plain old burgers, or sausage … delish! We’re going to try this one to prepare the ground meat in our next batch of chili con carne!

Each of these woods will have a place in your recipes. And it only takes a heaping Tablespoon of chips for most recipes, so the 4 ounces tubs will go a long way.



  • 4 ounces in each tub
  • ~35 Tablespoons per tub
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