Charles Viancin Silicone Trivet / Pot Holder

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Why It's Cool: Soft, flexible multi-tasker: trivet, pot holder and jar opener

When is a pot holder not merely a pot holder? And how could a pot holder be a Cool Tool?

When it’s also a trivet, a bottle opener, and a lovely silicone piece designed by Charles Viancin, whose Inspired By Nature™ designs are some of our favorite Cool Tools.

We already analysed the evolution of pot holders - interesting stuff, right?-}:  from handwoven summer camp project, to stiff asbestos-clad quilted squares to oven mitts, in asbestos and more recently in silicone, and pot grabbers.  But none of these fully fill the classic requirements for a heat resistant lightweight flexible tool that can be used quickly and easily for a variety of cooking situations, cleans up easily, and also looks good in the kitchen or on the table.

The Charles Viancin Honeycomb Pot Holder meets all these requirements. The small-scale honeycomb design imparts a supple (almost sensuous) flexibility that makes it easy to pickup the pot holder and use it with assurance in almost any kitchen situation: from oven and cooktop to table.  The ‘honeycombs’ also dissipate heat and provide a multifaceted ‘stickiness’ that assures no slippage when used as a trivet, and a good grip when used to open recalcitrant bottles. The FDA-approved silicone is very lightweight, highly heat-resistant, and cleans-up easily in the dishwasher.

In summary: high design?  You bet!  Highly functional?  Completely!  Worth the price and space in your drawer?  Absolutely!  When you throw out all those old pot holders, you’ll have plenty of room for this wonderful tool from Charles Viancin. And don’t forget the LilyPads!


  • FDA Approved Silicone
  • Heat Resistant to 500F
  • Approximately 8.25”x 6.75”x <.25”
  • Available in 4 colors, as shown
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