Cocktail Wizard's Bundle

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Here's everything Dad needs to be a cocktail wizard! a 10% discount!

The Bundle includes

  • Bar Mats: Why It's Cool:  Mats provide more than a cutting surface, they're a mini bartending lesson
  • Jigger: Why It's Cool:  Precise measurement, comfortable grip, and 2 measuring containers in one handy Cool Tool
  • Bar Spoon: Why It's Cool:  Long, sleek, one-piece 18/8 sturdy stainless steel construction with ridges that making twirling the spoon between your palms easy
  • Citrus Zipper: Why It's Cool:  Everything you can do with a citrus (except juice it) in one compact Cool Tool!
  • Choice of 2 Juicers
    • OXO Citrus Juicer: Why It's Cool:  Easy to read measurements, effective reamer, hand-friendly design
    • Tovolo Citrus Reamer: Why It's Cool:  Reams every last drop out of your citrus and measures it for your recipes
  • A few wonderful optional items to add to your bundle
    • Ice Bucket: Why It's Cool:  Keeps ice (and garnish) cold for a really long time
    • Ceramic Paring Knife: Why It's Cool:  The sharpest, easiest cutting, least contaminating knife you'll ever own
    • Bespoke Bitters Kit: Why It's Cool:  Coolest gift of the season with Free Shipping in the US! Craft your own bitters with minimal effort and maximal results!
    • Non-slip Serving Tray: Why It's Cool:  Keeps your glasses and drinks from sliding around
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Tovolo Cutting Guide Mats-Ice Mat   + $6.30
OXO Steel Double Jigger   + $8.99
HIC Stainless Steel Cocktail Mixing (Bar) Spoon   + $7.64

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Cocktail Wizard's Bundle
Cocktail Wizard's Bundle

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