Join the Cooks' ClubHow We Reward Our Best Customers

In addition to finding great products, testing them to make sure they're good enough for you, and giving you recipes to make with them, we'll also reward your loyalty, creativity and input.  Here's our program so far:

• If you refer a friend (or even an acquaintance, we won't check), they get a $5 credit, and when they buy something, you’ll earn a $5 credit.

• When you buy from us, we'll award you 1 Cooks' Club Point for each dollar you spend on Cool Tools.

• If you give us an idea for a Cool Tool that we subsequently offer on our site, we'll award you 100 Cooks' Club Points.

• If you give us a Cool Tip that we publish on the site, we'll award you 100 Cooks' Club Points.

• Each time you reach 200 Cooks’ Club Points in your account, we’ll automatically notify you and turn those points into a $5 credit in your account.

• If you pay for shipping, then any additional purchases shipped to the same address during the next 30 days will ship for free

So join the Mailing List and Cooks' Club (one sign up gets you both) and feel the love!