Stocking Stuffers ~ $20 and under

Here are some clever items for a very attractive price.

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  1. Mastrad Silicone Brush
    Mastrad Silicone Brush
    Why It's Cool: Easy clean-up in the dishwasher--can be used in a hot pan--doesn't leave stray bristles behind.
    A silicone brush is something we can’t do without--we use it to spread oil in a pan so that we use less, to spread melted butter on a hot griddle to make blinis or pancakes...
    As low as $9.99
  2. Tovolo Silicone Pasta Rake
    Tovolo Silicone Pasta Rake
    Why It's Cool: Innovative shape and ribbed fingers do a great job of picking up and holding pasta.
    Let’s face it… pasta can be slippery. That’s why for years we’ve been using those funny looking tools with peg-like fingers, in the hopes of giving the pasta more...
    As low as $10.99
  3. Floral
    Charles Viancin Suction Glass Markers
    100% of 100
    Why It's Cool: Glass Markers work with stemless or stemmed wine glasses and cocktail glasses, and they stick until you choose to remove them
    How many times are you at a party where you lose half a glass of wine because you put it down and then you have no idea which glass is yours! And if you’re the host, you are...
    As low as $5.50
  4. The Cheese Knife
    The Cheese Knife
    93% of 100
    Why It's Cool: Cuts cheese cleanly without sticking
    What’s wrong with this picture? It says it’s a knife, but it’s made of plastic. And real knives are made of steel (and ceramics), right?  Can this really be ‘THE’...
    As low as $15.99
  5. OXO Herb Saver
    OXO Herb Saver
    Why It's Cool: Keeps your delicate herbs fresh for much longer
    We love fresh herbs! Each and every herb adds so much to a dish and takes it from good to great! But we don’t love how fast herbs deteriorate, once you pick them in the...
  6. OXO Chef's Precision Oven Thermometer
    OXO Chef's Precision Oven Thermometer
    Why It's Cool: Easy to read, accurate, and stays out of the way with a 2-prong hanger
    There is a liar in your kitchen--it’s your oven. It may say that the temperature is 350°F, but what is it really? The only way to know is to get an oven thermometer....
  7. OXO Silicone Garlic Peeler
    OXO Silicone Garlic Peeler
    Why It's Cool: Makes easy work of the tough job of peeling garlic; shape keeps garlic cloves inside and plastic box keeps peeler clean between uses there any other single flavor that adds more to so many dishes? We love garlic, whether it’s crispy bits in a stir fry or paper thin slices that almost disappear...
  8. Plastic Wrap
    Why It's Cool: Takes the frustration out of using kitchen wraps: plastic wrap, foil and parchment.
    OK, I’ve already admitted that I’m a klutz when it comes to plastic wrap; that’s one of the reasons that we love the Charles Viancin Lids. But there are times when plastic...
    As low as $14.99
  9. Clear
    fusionbrands PopMeasure
    Why It's Cool: 2 microwave safe measure cups in one, with easy clean-up in the dishwasher
    Has this ever happened to you? You have your measuring cup out and you’ve just measured your liquid, and now you have to measure something dry. So what do you do? Do you wash...
    As low as $3.99
  10. Escali SAVU Space Saving Scale
    Escali SAVU Space Saving Scale
    Why It's Cool: Small, sleek, and incredibly talented!
    Precision in cooking may not be as important as it is in baking, but when no two potatoes or carrots or apples are the same size, weighing your ingredients can really help make...
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