We are starting this business to be an independent voice and advisor for the selection of Cool Tools for Cooks - home cooks.  We will strive to evaluate as many examples of a particular tool as we can get our hands on, and then identify, recommend and sell only the Cool Tools that we use ourselves, in Colbrook Kitchen. We will ‘make the mistakes so you don’t have to’ and strive to become a trusted advisor in your search for Cool Tools.

Although we do receive free samples from time to time, we always offer to pay, and in most cases, have paid for our samples.  This has created quite a discard pile of tools that we have evaluated but not selected as Cool Tools, and we welcome your suggestions of what to do with them.

We like our vendors and look forward to long and mutually satisfactory relationships, in order to bring more Cool Tools to you.  But ‘free samples’ and other sorts of incentives will not sway us from our guiding principle: we only sell what we use.