Colbrook [email protected] Party FAQ

Your Host Questions Answered!


Colbrook [email protected] Party Basics


Who should host a Colbrook [email protected] Party?
Everyone! It's a great way to connect with your friends for fun and rewards.

Our typical hostess earns lots of free products.

Is there a cost to hosting a Colbrook [email protected] Party?
No. We offer Rewards, based on the sales at your Colbrook [email protected] Party. It's our way to thank you for sharing the fun with your friends!
See “Rewards Your Way” below.

What is the price range of your items?
Our Cool Tools are priced so everyone can find something within their budget.
In fact, most of our Cool Tools are under $50.

How often do you offer new products?

All the time! We are always on the lookout for new Cool Tools that combine high design with great functionality and are worth the price and the space in your kitchen. You can always discover something new at a Colbrook [email protected] Party.

Sharing the Fun

What should I expect at my Colbrook [email protected] Party?

You and your friends will have a great time!
Colbrook [email protected] Parties typically last about 2 hours and are always casual and fun.
There's no pressure. Our trained Tool Maven will help you and your guests find the perfect Cool Tools for a gift...for themselves or a friend.
The format is that we choose a place to display a few dozen of our most popular Cool Tools (a dining room table really works well for this), then in the kitchen, your Tool Maven will demonstrate 6-12 additional Cool Tools. It's all very informal and fun. 


Is my home too small?
If you have a kitchen countertop or coffee table, you have all the space you need. We're all about connecting with friends in a warm, personal environment.

Can I have a Colbrook [email protected] Party somewhere other than my home?

Yes. While we believe that the home environment is best for thinking about Cool Tools for the kitchen, we also can hold Colbrook [email protected] Parties in an office conference room, or almost any other location.

Can a friend co-host a Colbrook [email protected] Party with me?

Sure! Co-hosting is a great way to get a larger group together to attend. And, if you have a larger group, you and your co-host will have more rewards to share.

What if my friends don't cook?
Surprisingly, we've found that some of our best customers don't cook...but they do buy gifts for friends and family who do.

Will my friends and I get to see all the Cool Tools at my Colbrook [email protected] Party?

Our Tool Maven will bring a variety of our most popular Cool Tools for everyone to play with.

Guests can also view all of our products online.

What forms of payment are accepted at Colbrook [email protected] Parties?

Any general purpose credit card.

When will guests receive their orders?
Our Cool Tools typically arrive right to their door within 10-15 days. Tool Mavens will bring samples for guests to play with, but will not carry inventory.

Guests give our Tool Maven their order to process directly with Colbrook Kitchen.

Planning your Colbrook [email protected] Party

How far in advance should I plan my Colbrook [email protected] Party?

3-14 days in advance. We find that people know their plans 3-4 days from now more than they know 3-4 weeks from now.
Your Tool Maven will help you select the perfect date.

How many guests do I need to have?
We love Colbrook [email protected] Parties large and small, and are grateful for every chance to work with shoppers at Colbrook Kitchen. You know your friends: they will set the energy level for their shopping experience!

What should I do about invitations?
Your Tool Maven will help you with every detail of your Colbrook [email protected] Party.
We recommend that you email a Save The Date, and work with your Tool Maven to email personalized invitations to your guest list.

Can I have food and drink at my party? What should I serve?

Of course! We suggest light appetizers and drinks. We encourage you not to go overboard with food: keep refreshments super simple. People are often so busy looking at the Cool Tools that they don't eat much at the Colbrook [email protected] Party.

What if my friends can't make it?
You'll never find the perfect date where everyone can attend. No worries! If your friends can't make it, they'll still be able to shop at Colbrook Kitchen online!

And you get rewards for referring new customers who make a purchase.

Rewards Your Way...Choose the one that suits you best

You Get All the Rewards:
You get a Colbrook Kitchen Gift Card for 10% of the amount of all purchases at your party.

You Share the Rewards: 
You get a Colbrook Kitchen Gift Card for 5% of the amount of all purchases at your party.
Guests attending your party get a 5% discount on all products purchased at your party.


Contact us if you have any questions or are interesting in hosting a Colbrook [email protected] Party!