Progressive Biscuit & Cookie Cutters

Why It's Cool: 7 pieces in sizes 1 1/2”-3 7/8” diam., plain and fluted edges, nested for space savings, dishwasher safe

How can a set of Biscuit Cutters become a Cool Tool?

Everybody has a “Biscuit Cutter” … it’s that round water glass you’ve always used your grandmother before you. They're a necessity for everything from biscuits, to cookies, to that wonderful breakfast my dad used to make me: Gashouse Eggs. But occasionally you want to cut pastry into different diameters ...or even change it up with fluted edges ...fancy! And most of the traditional “Like Julia Had” round cutters have handles that don’t store neatly and sharp metal edges that can nick or even really cut softened hands. And many metal versions invariably rust, like the little round storage box that some versions offer for storage. Few of these are dishwasher safe, so after awhile, some - usually only the most-frequently used size - or all have to be - or should be - replaced. Now is the time to consider taking that step, because we’ve found a great new set of pastry cutters that will overcome all these issues!

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