Spot Not Glass Dryer and Polisher

Why It's Cool: Easily dries and polishes any wine glass

We all love to set a beautiful table and, especially with a lot of wine glasses, you want each and every one of them to sparkle - 100% clean, no residual water marks on the base or stem, or inside the bowl - right?

If you’re with me so far, then you also know - or should know - that the most difficult - and potentially most dangerous - wine glass to clean AND dry is … your Champagne Flute!

Of course you can roll-up your best, most absorbent ‘tea towel’ ...insert it into your flute while slightly moist, and turn - keep turning! - until you’ve wiped away all the remaining water droplets that might turn into ugly water marks, when you next set your table!

Enter the Spot Not Glass Polisher! This is a beautifully well-engineered necessity in your ‘Bar Tools’ kit! It starts with a tapered handle, featuring a finger-sized hole at the end. At the other end are 4 flexible rubber ‘arms’, over which you slip the finely-grained microfiber ‘towel’ ….

The handle gives you a firm grip, to assure that you reach to the bottom of your flute. The flexible arms assure that the ‘towel’ can expand along the tapered diameter of almost any flute, and reach all the way to the bottom, where the residual crystals from your demi-sec (or maybe some residual Sparkling Shiraz - but I wildly digress!) may have accumulated, if you didn’t rinse your glasses last night - yes, we know that can happen!) The handle yields rapid results, pressing the arms outwardly into the bottom and onto the interior wall of your flute ...Finally, the finger-sized ring at the end of the handle gives you the ‘tooling’ leverage to easily twist and turn the ‘towel’, to enable relatively rapid results! And if it works this well on champagne flutes, just think how well it will work on your other wine glasses!

This is a well-designed, highly effective tool, a necessity for all champagne flute users! And, of course, this is perfect for all your other wine glasses as well. You’ll want one of these for your bar, and you’ll want to give one to every wine lover you know! A very Cool Tool! And a great gift!


  • Overall length: 10¾ ”/27cm
  • Overall Handle length: 5¼”/13.5cm
  • Arms Length: 5½”/14cm
  • Finger Hole Inside Diameter: ⅞”/2.5cm
  • Towel: hand or machine washable - no bleach or fabric softener - do not iron!   
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