W Fan Hands-free Neck Fan

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Why It's Cool: Stay cool any time, any where--easy and convenient

It’s over 100°F at 5:30pm in St. Helena, California. We have our Bocce League, and our team is tied for first place. We’re playing the team we’re tied with, so there is a lot on the line. And it’s hot!

Fortunately I was testing a new hands-free fan we discovered at the Housewares Show--you wear it around your neck, face the 2 mini fans toward your face...and then just forget about it: the fans do the rest. We beat the other team 2-1, and my performance, I’m convinced, was greatly enhanced by being able to keep a cool head...literally!

OK, so not everyone is playing bocce in 100°F+ temperatures, but these little hands-free fans are wonderful for so many uses: while gardening, cooking/grilling/smoking (outdoors or in), sports activities, running, hiking or walking, aerobic shopping, watching sports events, picnicking, outdoor concerts, or to just relaxing outside. And, oh, how I wish these were around when I went through menopause!

By the way, this fan is on Oprah's "O" List!

The W Fan is a really well-made marvel of cutting edge technology. It’s:

  1. Lightweight: a pair of fans on a comfortable neckband that sits around your neck, but is neither annoying or hot against your skin

  2. Hands-free Operation!  

  3. Flexible: you can aim the fans in almost any direction and bend the arms so you focus the air where you want it

  4. Quiet: you can hear yourself think, and listen/talk to others

  5. Adjustable: 3 fan speed settings

  6. Powerful: 2000mAh rechargeable battery and two 5-bladed plastic fans

  7. Convenient: rechargeable with the included USB cable for 3-10 hours of use (depending on the fan speed you use)

  8. Safe: plastic blades

The W Fan is the ultimate summer companion: you’ll want one for yourself, and several more to give as gifts for friends, who will marvel at your ingenuity and thoughtfulness. A very ‘Cool’ Tool!


  • Dual 5 Blade Fans
  • 2000mAh USB Rechargeable Battery
  • 3 Speed Settings
  • Dimensions: Approximately 7.3"/18.5cm x 1.4"/3.5cm x 10.6"/27cm
  • Materials: ABS (body), silicon and iron (arms), polypropylene (blades of the fan)
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