Cool Tip: It's the Berries...

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Fresh berries are one of the joys of summer: the sight, the smell, the taste, all transport us to a luscious world of sweetness and warmth! Berries are beautiful by themselves, or added to some of our recipes on the site, like our Guilt-free Panna Cotta.

But berries never seem to last as long in our refrigerator as we’d like them to. How many times have you had to throw away berries because they started to look like  a science experiment?

Well, one of our friends and readers, Larry F., passed along a tip for extending the life of berries once you get them home: simply wash the berries in 1 part vinegar to 10 parts water, drain and dry them on paper towels; then return them to the refrigerator. This process extends the mold-free life of the berries for several days, and we couldn’t detect any taste of vinegar on the fruit.

Thanks, Larry! That Cool Tip earned you 100 Cooks’ Club Points!