We started this experiment 2 weeks ago, and we thought you'd like to see the updated photos... Frankly, we were amazed that it worked so well. We've added more green onions as we went along, but the longest are the ones that were the in photo below. We reprinted the Cool Tip, in case you missed it the first time.
We love green onions and use them a lot in cooking: in Asian dishes, eggs, pasta, just about anything where a little hit of mild onion flavor is needed, especially as a finishing touch. (We use the herb scissors to slice these, which makes it extra easy!) And we haven’t been very successful at growing our own. So this is an item that is always on our shopping list. That’s why, when I read this tip, I had to try it....

If you primarily use the green part of the green onion, then take the white bulb part, stick it in a glass of water, and put it in your windowsill. I’ve had this in the windowsill for only two days, but already the green part is starting to grow.

I don’t know how often you can do this or how long it will grow, but this seemed promising enough to share. Let us know if you’ve tried this and how it worked.