Cool Tip: Charles Viancin Silicone Lids

Confused about all the choices from Charles Viancin?... You're not alone.
Here's our attempt to make the choices a little easier

The core group (available in almost all designs)

   Large~11"/28cm          Medium~ 9"/23cm     Medium/Sm~8"/20cm   Small~6"/15cm     XSmall (2X)~4"/10cm

Other sizes

XLarge~13"/33cm (Lily & Hibiscus)     Poppy Oblong~10" X 14" (25X36cm)    Winterberry Oblong~10"X 13" (25X33cm)

Banana Leaf Square~11"/28cm                Oval~9" X 13" (23X33cm)                    Rectangle~12" X 16" (30.5X41cm)


Butterfly (4 colors)   Cherry Blossom           Clover                    Grape                    Lily Pad               Pink Hibiscus

        Poppy            Purple Hibiscus      Sea (4 designs)          Snowflake                Sunflower              Winterberry


And don't forget:

Value Sets (in Cherry Blossom, Lily Pad, Purple Hibiscus and Sunflower only and for a llimited time)

Drink Covers

Sippers Drink cover with a straw

Wine Stoppers