Easiest "Steamed" Asparagus

This is just about the easiest, most foolproof way to cook asparagus...and perfect if you want to serve it to hold with your fingers and dip into a sauce!

Servings: 4

1 Pound Asparagus
Sea Salt, to taste

  • Break stems off bottom of asparagus where they naturally break
  • Peel the bottom half of each asparagus spear
  • Wet a double layer of paper towel (2 paper towels long)
  • Lay the asparagus on the paper towel in a single layer
  • Sprinkle the asparagus with sea salt
  • Roll the asparagus up in the damp paper towel
  • Put the bundle, seam side down in the microwave
  • Microwave on about 1000W strength for 3 minutes
  • Remove asparagus bundle carefully from the microwave with tongs (it will be hot)
  • Serve with your favorite sauce and enjoy!
Per Serving (excluding sauce): 14 Calories; trace Fat (5.9% calories from fat); 1g Protein; 3g Carbohydrate; 1g Dietary Fiber; 0mg Cholesterol; 1mg Sodium. Exchanges: 1/2 Vegetable.
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