Gefu Ring and Tamper 10-piece Set

Why It's Cool: 3 Sizes to make a beautiful presentation easily

Ever wondered how restaurants make the beautiful stacked desserts or salads that make a plate look so spectacular? Or what the essential Cool Tool is to make our new favorite (easy) hors d’oeuvres: a goat cheese and smoked salmon torta? Or how to make any dish stacked an statuesque.. The answer is rings: round molds that are open at both ends so that you can put stuff in at the top (layering as you go), tamp them together so they don’t fall apart, and then remove the ring to reveal a beautiful presentation.

We tested a bunch of different rings to see what the differences were and what qualities and characteristics were important. We knew that we wanted not only to mold, but sometimes to cook food in the rings, so the material had to be oven safe. It also had to be smooth with no protrusions top or bottom, otherwise it would be difficult to unmold the food. So with those features in mind, our first choice of materials was stainless steel with no seams that might interfere with the perfect round shape. The next thing we wanted was a tamper, a flat pusher that compresses your layers so they don’t fall apart when you remove the ring. To be effective, the tamper should be sized to match the ring so that ingredients don’t squish up along the sides. And last, we wanted some variety, because if we wanted to start using rings, we wanted some choice of sizes: a small ring for a tower of crab in a soup to a large ring for the hors d’oeuvres torta we mentioned above. Our search led us inevitably to one set that met all our “ring” needs…

The 10-piece Gefu Professional Dish-ring Set is our go-to choice. It’s a beautiful quality stainless steel with no seams in sight. It comes with 2 rings of each of 3 sizes: 3”, 2.5” and 1.5” and 3 tamper discs that pair perfectly with each size ring. Then, with an eye toward saving space, a single included handle can screw into each of the tamper discs, cutting down on bulky storage.

When you’re ready to “play” with your food to get great results, this is the Cool Tool you want by your side.


  • 2 large rings: 3”/8cm diameter X 2”/5cm height
  • 2 medium rings: 2½”/6cm diameter X 1½”/4cm height
  • 2 small rings: 1½”/4cm diameter X 1¼”/3cm height
  • 3 tamper discs - one for each size ring.
  • 1 pusher handle that screws onto each tamper disc
  • Stainless steel
  • Dishwasher safe
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