Lékué Silicone and Ceramic Spring Form 9" Pan

Why It's Cool: Even cooking, easy clean-up, ready to serve, more compact storage.

What I love about a springform pan is that it hugs your batter until it becomes a cake, and then, without regret, it lets it go. OK, maybe that’s too much personification for a baking tool, but it really is the easiest thing to bake a cake in, whether it’s a cheesecake, a tort, or my new favorite, an almond cake (here's the recipe--you’ll love it!).

What’s so very special about the Lékué 9”/23cm Springform Pan is… well, just about everything ….

First, its sides are made (in Spain) of European-grade platinum silicone, which is a higher standard for silicone than required in the US. This is really premium quality silicone, which means it holds its shape better and will last longer, while withstanding temperatures from -76ºF/-60ºC to 428ºF/220ºC. It also folds for storage without deforming, so it takes up much less space than traditional springform pans.

Second, it provides very even cooking with nicely browned edges (on the almond cake), which is something that can’t be said of all silicone baking products. The ceramic plate on the bottom distributes heat evenly and produces great results.

Third, the silicone side piece (or silicone belt, as we’ve seen it called) opens and peels all the way off your cake. Unlike the traditional  metal pan that pops open only a little bit, you’ll have none of the concerns with restricted clearance that you have when you open a traditional metal pan.

Fourth, because it isn’t metal, you can wash it in the dishwasher and store food in it in the refrigerator.

Fifth, the ceramic bottom has no lip, making it both attractive and easy to use for serving.

And finally, it’s versatile and safe to use in the oven, microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator and freezer. In short, it’s a very Cool Tool that takes the springform pan to a whole new level.


    • Measures 9"/23cm diameter x 2.8"/7cm H
    • Thick quality structure for better support
    • Includes a ceramic plate which can be used for serving
    • Freezer and microwave safe
    • Oven safe up to 500° F/260° C
    • Store folded with no risk of becoming deformed
    • Dishwasher safe
    • 10-year warranty
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