440 KMN Anodized Aluminum Rolling Pin

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Why It's Cool: Traditional French design with enhanced cooling and non-stick functionality

A rolling pin is useful … but who knew it also could be beautiful?

There are essentially three basic designs for rolling pins: (1) the “American Style” - the classic 2.5”+/- diameter round shape, with a dowel-like handle through the middle, made of hardwood or sometimes marble; (2) the “Italian” or “macaroni stick” design, with a small, uniform diameter and no handles, and (3) the “French” or “European” style: a tapered design without handles, in 2 variations: (a) tapered only on the ends, or (b) fully-tapered from the center to the ends.

The main reason you use any rolling pin are to roll out dough, to a uniform thickness - or “thinness” - as is usually the case. As we have learned, the choices of which design you prefer, or which design you may prefer for different uses, are highly personal and individualized, based on how, how often, and for what purposes you use a rolling pin. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, and you’ll want to experiment to learn your preferences.

This beautiful anodized aluminum rolling pin by KMN is designed in the “French” style: a classic  style with some updated “technological” advancements, to both its functionality and its beauty! Here are some of the thoughtful extras:

  • Anodized aluminum stays incredibly cool after being chilled: this keeps the butter from melting into the dough
  • Its textured surface holds flour more effectively, to keep the dough from sticking    
  • Its laser-engraved, graduated measurements - in both inches and millimeters - conveniently help ensure a perfect-sized crust 

We’ve found this rolling pin extremely easy to use and maneuver, making rolling dough almost effortless. In other words, it is definitely a Cool Tool (in both senses of ‘cool’)!  


  • Made of high-quality, food-safe Anodized Aluminum
  • Metal keeps dough chilled
  • Textured, Non-Stick Metal Surface holds flour better and releases dough easier
  • Graduated Laser Engraved Measurements
  • Hand Wash Only
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