Progressive Microwave Mat

Why It's Cool: Keeps the heavy Microwave tray clean, and cleans up easily

OK, you know this problem, right? You put something into a container and put it in the microwave to heat up. You thought it was contained (it’s in a container, after all). But somehow your contents bubble or spit and, before you know it, you have a mess on your turntable. Now you have to take that heavy piece of glass out of its safe secure home in your microwave and risk breaking it in your sink. And if you do, good luck easily finding a replacement--every manufacturer seems to make theirs a little different so that they are not easily interchangeable.

Well, add this to the growing list of “why didn’t I think of that?” tools: the Progressive Silicone Microwave Mat.

Only 12 left, then they're gone; order soon!

It’s 12” in diameter, but can be trimmed easily if your turntable is smaller. It inserts itself between your spills and your turntable, and it is infinitely easier to clean. Ever since we got ours to test, it hasn’t left our microwave except for occasional rinses under the faucet or a spin in the dishwasher. It’s one of those very unglamorous, but very useful, items that you wonder how you got by without.

Is it a Cool Tool? Anything that takes up that little space and saves us that much effort is a Cool Tool in our book!


  • 12” in diameter
  • Silicone, non-stick surface
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Can be cut to fit any size turntable
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