Pasta Lover's Bundle

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Here are some unique and well-designed Cool Tools for the pasta lover's among us! Comes with the recipe for the very sexy pasta dish in the movie "Chef".

The Pasta Lover's Bundle includes:

  • The Pasta ProKeeper: Why It's Cool: It not only stores the pasta, but measures it for th enumber of servings you want
  • Fasta Pasta Microwave Pasta Cooker: Why It's Cool: Cooks pasta faster and easier with great results, using less energy and water, and with a bonus of starchier water to add to pasta sauce
  • Silicone Pasta Rake: Why It'sCool: Innovative shape and ribbed fingers do a great job of picking up and holding pasta
  • Garlic Slicer: Why It's Cool: Slices paper thin with an effective food hopper to protect your fingers!
  • Cheese Vault: Why It's Cool: There is no better way to store your fresh Parmesian cheese for quick access and great results
  • Dual V-Grater: Why It's Cool: Beautifully designed with 2 grating surfaces, stunningly effective, makes it easy to finish your dishes with a beautiful grating of fresh cheese
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Progressive Prokeeper Canisters-Pasta   + $17.09
OXO Garlic (and stuff) Slicer   + $9.49

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Pasta Lover's Bundle
Pasta Lover's Bundle

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