Riedel/Nachtman Vases and Plates

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Why It's Cool: Beautiful design at a very reasonable price!

Once in awhile, we encounter items that are simply beautiful - great pieces of design that also are highly functional - and there isn’t much more to say than “we really like these, and we think you will too!”

These Nachtmann Bavarian Crystal Vases and Plates - from Riedel - are in this category … each design a thing of beauty. The vases are offered in 4 designs and sizes, to display fresh-cut flowers - from your garden, your local florist, or even Costco or Trader Joe’s. We love having fresh-cut flowers in our home year-round - not only for special occasions - because they bring the brightness and freshness of nature’s beauty indoors. These vases will display that beauty in exemplary fashion, and they will be beautiful on display, even when empty! And the plates are a stunning design in 2 sizes.

Riedel Glass Works is well-known for their wine-related glasswares: a wide range of glass shapes specifically tailored for almost every grape varietal, as well as beautiful carafes for wine service. Nachtmann is “the Life Style Division” of Riedel, with beautiful vases and glassware - for wine and other beverages - at very reasonable prices. The Riedel family has owned and operated their business in Bavaria since 1834, and the Nachtmann division is new to North America.

We are offering 4 different vase designs and 1 plate design in 2 sizes. The Hikari is 24% Bavarian Lead crystal, but all the other models are Bavarian lead-free crystal; each design has particular details to manifest its beauty.

  • Saphir Vase (11⅔”/30cm tall) flares at the top, to a 6½”/16.5cm circular opening;

  • Art Deco Vase (11”/28cm tall) features 5 classic straight clean lines, rising to an ~5”/13cm oval opening; and

  • Slice Vase (9½”/24cm tall) - designed by a Parsons New School of Design graduate and NextGen Competition winner - evokes a spiral of opposing ‘slices’ of crystal in an especially beautiful form, with an ~4⅓”/11cm long oval opening.

  • Sphere Plates - 2 Small (8 1/2"/21.5cm square) or 1 Large (11"/28cm square) - designed by Next Competition winner and 2015 RedDot Design Award winner Roman Kvita - using geometric shapes to make striking refractions that capture light.

Each of these designs display fresh flowers or wonderful treats to their maximum beauty, as well as making an elegant design statement even when empty.

These vases and Plates from the Nachtmann division of Riedel will be welcome additions to any decor ...beautiful pieces of art that truly qualify as Cool Tools.


  • Nachtmann by Riedel
  • All other model: Bavarian Non-Lead Crystal
  • Made in Germany
  • Handwash only
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