RSVP Cut 'N Chunks

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Why It's Cool: Three blades make fast work of cutting up kale, sliced meats or cheeses, olives or other soft foods

The question ringing in my head - and therefore presumably in yours - is “if you (Kennedy) are a self-proclaimed ‘knife guy’, then why are you recommending a couple of what some ‘knife people’ would call “gadgets” that arguably perform the same functions as your knives?”

And the first answer is ...because each of this well designed scissor-like device perform its tasks exceptionally well: it produces evenly cut ingredients (on the fly, when needed) for use in any of your recipes. And this is the essential requirement of a good mise-en-place, which is about advance setup, cutting all your ingredients into the ‘right’ size so that their flavor can be maximized in your dish, and doing all this preparation neatly, efficiently, and safely. Sometimes, you just don’t need knives to produce a good mise-en-place.

And then sometimes you forget an ingredient, or you need more of an ingredient that is already cooking in the pan, or you get inspired to add a new ingredient by tasting your dish in mid-course. And then you have the second answer: this is the tool you need in those situations when you just need to cut-up a small amount of something - often quickly or at the last minute - and you don’t want - or can’t justify - the counter space or the additional cleanup of a knife - or 2 - and a cutting board, and another bowl.

That’s when you need the RSVP Cut ‘n’ Chunks: a  legitimately Cool Tool that simplifies those situations and allows you to assure that you have all the ingredients you want for a particular recipe, prepared and ready to go, regardless of your knife skills, and especially when you forgot earlier or you decided at the last minute that ‘a little something extra’ was a good idea.

The RSVP Cut ‘N Chunks is a brawnier three-bladed cousin to the RSVP Herb Scissors, intended for the ‘larger knife cuts” that produce larger pieces of fruits, vegetables, meat and especially salad ingredients. The 5/16” space between the 4” blades allows easy uniform slicing of those ‘small rounds’ of small eggplants or seeded cucumber quarters, or chopping greens, olives, or even sliced meats. We've been using it lately to cut salami and olives to put on our flatbread pizza. It also produces nice bite-size pieces for topping cereals or quickly making a small portion or garnish of almost anything fresh and firm. And it’s super convenient to be able to cut directly into a dish or onto a plate or bowl.

The three stainless steel sets of 4” scissor blades are nicely sharp and tight, so you shouldn’t fear crushing or mangling your ingredients. The RSVP Cut ‘N Chunks comes in orange with a well-sized silicone-lined scissor grip and a dual-purpose cover like the Herb Scissors: it serves as a blade guard to protect you while the scissors are in your drawer and it serves as a between-the-blades cleaner to extract those last bits when you finish your use. And the whole unit is dishwasher safe, so final cleanup is simple.

Good design, highly functional, and worth the price and space in your drawer: definitely a Cool Tool, even if it might first seem like a gadget … the RSVP Cut ‘N Chunks.

Note: Only 2 left--discontinued by the manufacturer! When they're gone, they're gone!


  • Stainless Steel Blades
  • Three Blades
  • Silicone Handle
  • Dual Purpose Cover
  • Dishwasher Safe
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