THAT! Inventions Ice Cream Scoop (ScoopTHAT!)

Why It's Cool: Scoop ice cream (or sorbet or gelato) effortlessly into beautiful balls.

Ice cream doesn’t have a season. We love it just as much in the winter, as we do during the summer. And whether it’s homemade or from the freezer of your local store, the issue is always: how do you scoop it out with the least amount of muscle and the most amount of “round”. In other words: how do you get a beautiful round ball of ice cream without a huge effort?

We’ve tried all kinds of scoops from the disher type with the scraping thing in the bowl, to the spade, but none of them really did more than a merely adequate job...until now!

The THAT! Innovations ScoopTHAT II is a revelation: It has a fine almost-sharp edge that seems to glide through even very hard ice cream or sorbet, a rounded head that forms a very nice uniform ball, and a comfortable cylindrical handle that makes it easy to hold and balanced in your hand.

Its award winning design has the world's first thermo-ring heated scooping edges and a special coating in the scooping bowl that keeps the ice cream from melting and when turned over lets the ice cream just fall out of the scoop. An internal biodegradable liquid transfers heat from the handle. The ‘fish bone’ fins in see-through handle make this a functional work of art as well as a very Cool Tool.


  • Global Innovation Award (GIA) winning design
  • SGS-certified for FDA to be safe for contact with food   
  • World's first thermo-ring heated scooping edges               
  • Special coating in the scooping bowl keeps the ice cream from melting, but lets it fall out of the scoop easily
  • Internal biodegradable liquid transfers heat from the handle    
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