Cool Tip: Feel Better with Bitters and Soda

An inevitable by-product of Holiday excesses is a … choose your own label: hangover, sour stomach, upset tummy … you know. And there are many patent medicine vendors who will swear their products will relieve your problem.

But one of the oldest, simplest, most effective, and most refreshing remedies is Bitters in Soda (carbonated water).

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Cool Tip: Doctor: Your Chilies are Ready!

One of the worst things you can do when preparing fresh chilies is to clean them with bare hands, and then (usually inadvertently) rub your nose/eyes/elsewhere, with fingers that still have traces of the oil from the chili - the capsicum.  Ouch! Unpleasant! Painful! Annoying! Even if you wash your hands several times, the oil sticks to them persistantly, and you're never assured that there won't be pain.

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Cool Tip: A Little Oil Goes a Long Way

Even in the best non-stick skillets, it helps to have a little oil to make everything cook and taste better, but if you're watching your weight, that can be a source of extra calories. Here's a trick to minimize the amount of oil you use.

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Cool Tip: Support Your Local Vegetables

It’s tomato planting season, which means that we not only search for the perfect tomato seedlings, but, almost as important, the perfect way to support them as they grow. Tomatoes always seem to outgrow their cages, and the commercially available cages just aren’t all that attractive or effective.

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