Carré Olive Wood Olive Boat

Why It's Cool: Easy to both serve and retrieve olives in a warm, beautiful presentation

The Olive Boat from Carré is an excellent example of the combination of functionality and design: the “beauty” that we look for in a Cool Tool.

This classic design makes serving olives - whether cured or straight out the jar - easy and convenient. Olives line up neatly in the Olive Boat and can be retrieved easily from either end … and refilling even while your guests continue to enjoy them is quite simple. Cleanup is doubly simple: as with any good piece of wood, no soap or water required. Simply wipe away the excess oil, while leaving behind whatever oil is naturally absorbed by the wood, to achieve the double benefits of cleaning and seasoning. You’ll use this frequently in your home, and it makes a great gift!

Michel Carré inherited his passion for woodworking from his father, and discovered the natural beauty and durability of olive wood in 1960. Since that time he has worked with designers and artisans to develop a range of olive wood kitchenware. You can see the beauty in the wood grain, and you will want to touch the curves of the grain in each piece. And you will enjoy observing the transformation as each piece ages gracefully with use and tender loving care.

No need to say more: this is definitely a Cool Tool!


  • 13”/33cm overall length
  • 2”/5cm overall height
  • Serving area approximately 12”/30.5cm x 1.3”/3.3cm
  • Hand crafted in olive wood
  • Each piece is unique in grain pattern and sizes
  • Season with olive oil
  • Do not use soap and water to clean
  • Not dishwasher safe
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