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  1. KnappMade Fine Chainmail Dishcloth™ (for Wine Decantors and Pots and Pans)
    KnappMade Fine Chainmail Dishcloth™ (for Wine Decantors and Pots and Pans)
    Why It's Cool: Fine stainless steel mesh is an elegant, effective and safe way to clean your decanters and your finest pots and pans
    Chain mail isn’t just for battles anymore (at least not the kind on horseback)! Clean-up is the dirty little downside of cooking; and some clean-up jobs are worse than...
  2. THAT! Inventions Ice Cream Scoop (ScoopTHAT!)
    THAT! Inventions Ice Cream Scoop (ScoopTHAT!)
    Why It's Cool: Scoop ice cream (or sorbet or gelato) effortlessly into beautiful balls.
    Ice cream doesn’t have a season. We love it just as much in the winter, as we do during the summer. And whether it’s homemade or from the freezer of your local store,...
  3. Cooks Innovations Grill Mat (Set of 2)
    Cooks Innovations Grill Mat (Set of 2)
    Why It's Cool: Keep the grill marks; get rid of the mess!
    Don’t you just hate it when your food sticks to the grill? We used to struggle with that, and sometimes leave chunks of food behind on the grill. That’s unfortunate on...
  4. Cuisipro Silicone Wok Turner
    Cuisipro Silicone Wok Turner
    Why It's Cool: An old world tool reimagined in modern materials with great functionality!
    We love using a wok turner: the broad-blade with slightly raised sides allows you to handle more ingredients faster, which is important in the high-heat environment in which...
  5. Tovolo Seal 'N Store Storage
    Tovolo Seal 'N Store Storage
    Why It's Cool: Genius Storage Solution that extends the life of your produce
    Have you ever used half of something: half a lemon, half an onion, etc. and then tried to store the other half, only to have it turn slimy and disgusting in no time at all? Well,...
  6. OXO Non-Stick Cheese Plane
    OXO Non-Stick Cheese Plane
    Why It's Cool: Slices cheese really well, then lets go--and doesn't take up too much room in your drawer!
    Yes I’m a knife guy, and I love The Cheese Knife! The concept of a Cheese Plane was foreign to me for a long time, and we never could come to a decision on which, if any, to...
  7. Cuisipro Silicone Spoon
    Cuisipro Silicone Spoon
    Why It's Cool: Great spoon for all your non-stick cookware, with a beveled edge, ergonomic handle and good capacity
    Colbrook Kitchen’s corporate name is Kochlöeffel LLC. In German, that means “cooking spoon”, but in Yiddish, it means so much more. A...
  8. Trudeau Structured Silicone Fluted Cake Pan (or Bundt)
    Trudeau Structured Silicone Fluted Cake Pan (or Bundt)
    Why It's Cool: The stability of metal pans, with all the great benefits of silicone
    I don’t bake much. It’s not that I don’t like to, but I just usually focus on savory dishes. However,  a confluence of events (too many zucchinis in the...
  9. Tips included with Bag
    Trudeau Silicone Piping Bag And QUICK System Tips
    Why It's Cool: Piping Bag made easy, clean and convenient
    If you thought a piping bag was just something that high end chefs and bakers use on precious food and fancy cakes, it’s time to think again. A piping bag is a very handy (and,...
    As low as $2.99
  10. Sirius Chef Muffin Splitter
    Sirius Chef Muffin Splitter
    100% of 100
    Why It's Cool: Maintains all the wonderful nooks and crannies in your English muffins, biscuits and scones
    Everybody loves English Muffins (OK: if you don’t, then skip to the next article!). But like Escargots, English Muffins are wonderfully delicious vehicles to enjoy lots of...
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