RSVP Stainless Steel Dry Measuring Cups (Set of 7)

Why It's Cool: All the good sizes in a set of 7 18/8 SS dry measuring cups

As we stated in our Cool Tip: There is a Difference, you really do measure wet and dry ingredients differently. 

Wet ingredients will find their own level in a measuring cup, but dry ingredients need to be either weighed or measured into a dry measuring cup and then leveled to even, usually with the back of a knife. And because dry ingredients are most often measured for baking, and baking is the most exacting form of cooking, you need a set of measuring cups for dry ingredients to make truly and accurately repeatable dishes.

So once you have decided that you do need dry measuring cups, what do you look for? You want something sturdy that will hold up (why buy this tool more than once in a lifetime?). You want something that is easy to level (with a flat top with nothing sticking above it). And you want a range of sizes because, with dry measures, you fill the whole container (eg, no measuring 1/2 cup of an ingredient in a 1 cup measuring cup; it defeats the purpose!) We have found all of this and more in the RSVP Stainless Steel Measuring Cups.

These Cups are 18/8 heavy gauge stainless steel, so they should last a lifetime, they are perfectly flat on top, and they come in a complete range of necessary sizes.

Most measuring cup sets have 4 basic sizes: ranging from 1/4C, 1/3C, 1/2C and 1C. Some add a fifth 1/8C measure, which is extremely useful, not only to measure 1/8C (or 2 tablespoons--they’re the same), but also as a ground coffee measure. But these Cups go two steps further: adding 2/3C and 3/4C measures to the set. And this set is labeled in both Imperial (‘Cups’, etc) and Metric sizes. 

If you bake, then you know that all these measurements can be extremely useful and will save you time and effort when you’re measuring out your dry ingredients. This set comes connected by a flexible keychain for easy storage, but the keychain can be removed easily: to make each measure conveniently usable, one at a time.

So can a humble set of measuring cups be a Cool Tool? The answer is a resounding “yes” - when they are as well-made and as well-thought-out as these are. Get one set for yourself, and more for family and friends who bake!


  • 18/8 (heavy gauge) stainless steel
  • 7 measures in the set: 1/8C, 1/4C, 1/3C, 1/2C, 2/3C, 3/4C, and 1C
  • Metric equivalents: 30ml, 60ml, 80ml, 120ml, 160ml, 180ml and 240ml
  • Dishwasher safe
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