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We have selected a limited number of Cool Tools that we believe have that “WOW! thing … these are special Cool Tools … the ones that convinced us to get into this business, and the ones that you have made best sellers in Colbrook Kitchen! Almost half of these are priced under $25, making them exceptionally well-priced gifts - even stocking stuffers - for your colleagues, friends and family, and even for yourself! Choose one or more Charles Viancin Silicone lids from a variety of sizes, or give a Joseph Joseph Garlic Rocker to everyone on your Holiday Gift List! And there are over 40 more Cool Tools to choose from, all under $25!

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  1. 7-Piece Set
    Oxo Measuring Beakers
    Why It's Cool: Measure small amounts of liquids and spices without spilling
    Setting up your mise-en-place before you start cooking is one of those steps that can make you a more efficient (and often calmer) cook. But what do you do about all those small...
    As low as $9.99
  2. Progressive Zip Slicer
    Progressive Zip Slicer
    Why It's Cool: Zips through a lot of small round things (grapes, cherry tomatoes, etc) in one quick movement... saves time with great results!
    So we recently learned something we didn’t know: small round things are not good to let toddlers put in their mouths. Duh! But small round things, in this case, include...
  3. KitchenIQ Ginger Tool
    KitchenIQ Ginger Tool
    Why It's Cool: All the tools you need to work with ginger in one compact unit
    Fresh ginger is one of those great flavor enhancers that can make almost any dish really “pop”. There is nothing that can substitute for the taste of fresh ginger. And...
  4. Cuisipro Magnetic Spot Eraser
    Cuisipro Magnetic Spot Eraser
    Why It's Cool: Gently scrubs all those hard to reach places inside your bottles and carafes
    Some problems we encounter in the kitchen are exponentially aggravating, beyond their actuality. In many of these cases, we simply sigh, shrug our shoulders, and move on …....
  5. fusionbrands ServeItUp
    fusionbrands ServeItUp (Serving Pedestal)
    Why It's Cool: Creates an elegant elevated server without the storage problems
    One of the key elements to creating a beautiful table is the subtle use of height--it adds a dimension (both literally and figuratively) to the look of your table. But as elegant...
    As low as $19.99
  6. Tovolo Dripless Baster
    Tovolo Dripless Baster
    Why It's Cool: Valve prevents baster from dripping; angled tip for better pick-up and flat shape for easy storage
    I always thought basters were pretty much the same--no opportunity for great design. You know: just squeeze the bulb, pick up some of the liquid in the pan, try to lift the...
  7. OXO Silicone Bowl Scrapers (Set of 2)
    OXO Silicone Bowl Scrapers (Set of 2)
    Why It's Cool: Flexible silicone edge for getting the last bit out
    How does a humble bowl scraper (a pair, in fact) become a Cool Tool? We’ve all seen, had and/or used bowl scrapers; they are those straight or curved bits of plastic that...
  8. Tovolo Wine Table
    Tovolo Bamboo Wine Table
    Why It's Cool: Holds 2 wine glasses and a plate of food—great for concerts in the park or picnics at the beach
    One of the great joys of summer is concerts in the park. Just grab a blanket or a couple of low-backed chairs, a bottle of wine, and your favorite foods to snack on. Then sit...
  9. Formaticum Cheese Bags
    Formaticum Cheese Wraps
    80% of 100
    Why It's Cool: Keeps cheese fresh at least a week longer
    As we have often said, we love cheese, but sometimes we love it too much: we buy some beautiful cheese, and then we’re conflicted about “saving it for a special...
  10. Nuance Multiforks (Set of 4)
    Nuance Multiforks (Set of 4)
    Why It's Cool: Great for serving tapas or salumi
    Almost every kind of hors d’oeuvres - from simple chunks of cheese or sausage slices, to olives, shrimp, meatballs, or almost any form of tapas - needs some kind of tool to pick...
    Special Price $20.00 Regular Price $30.00
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