Tovolo Yolk Out (Egg Separator)

Why It's Cool: The coolest, easiest, quickiest and most fun way to separate eggs!

I’ve separated eggs for years the old-fashioned way: crack an egg, move the yolk back and forth between egg shell halves, letting the white drip into a bowl, then finally depositing the clean yolk into a designated yolk bowl. Effective, but time-consuming when you have to separate several eggs, and, frankly, boring, when there are fun alternatives.

It all started when we saw a video of separating an egg using a plastic water bottle, and then we made our own video. But we’re trying to be more sustainable these days, so we don’t buy bottled water. And even if we did, we don’t want to fish an empty water bottle out of the recycle bin every time we want to separate an egg. And frankly, water bottles are too large to put in your kitchen drawer, and the edges can be a little sharp for a tender egg yolk.

Enter the Yolk Out from Tovolo. The folks at Tovolo took all the features that made this feasible with a water bottle, and then refined them, compacted them, and came up with tool that’s easy, effective and fun to use and fits easily in your drawer. All you do is crack a few eggs into a bowl*, Squeeze the Yolk Out to create a vacuum, hold the mouth of the Yolk Out directly over an egg yolk, release the pressure on the Yolk Out so that it sucks up the yolk, tilt it a little to keep the yolk in, position over your yolk bowl and squeeze gently to release the yolk into the yolk bowl. See the video below to see how simple this is.

This is the easiest and fastest way we’ve seen to separate an egg, and you can have fun with this with your kids and your friends. It also makes a great host gift for your favorite cooks.


  • Wide mouth to extract yolk
  • Large easy to use bulb
  • Food safe material
  • Dishwasher safe

*Bonus Cool Tip: When you want to make sure the yolk stays intact, crack your egg on a flat counter, rather than on the edge of a bowl; you’re less likely to have a sharp edge (of your bowl or you egg shell) pierce the delicate coating of the egg yolk.)

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