Tappi Champagne Stopper from AdHoc

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Why It's Cool: Preserves the bubbles, looks great, takes up very little space in the drawer or fridge

There are at least 2 major issues with Champagne stoppers: they take up too much space in use on your refrigerator shelf, or out of use in your drawer, and they’re awkward to use. Often they simply don’t work, because they cannot withstand the pressure from the bottle. And many are just plain ugly.

Now you can banish all those issues from your bar!

The original Champagne stopper from Ad Hoc is a truly wonderful design: an ultimately simple, truly elegant thing of beauty, crafted in minimalist brushed stainless steel and silicone. Its plastic older cousin, the “Tappi”, offers a colorful and less expensive alternative.

In both versions, the total profile is only ⅝” thick, so it takes almost no space in your drawer. And, when in use, the Tappi adds ¼”, to the top of an opened bottle in your refrigerator. The sides fold down easily to assure a secure lock under the rim of the bottle and the silicone ‘stopper’ assures a good seal in the mouth of the bottle. Since the basic “champagne” bottle design has been essentially standardized since 1894, this stopper will work for almost any bottle of sparkling wine from anywhere in the world.

Pure design, excellent functionality, and beautiful … the very essence of a Cool Tool.

When we first saw this in Frankfurt in 2012, we knew we had to have it! Hal & Willi reported on this from Australia - thanks!

Buy 2 for you, 1 for your picnic basket, and another handful for gifts! Limited quantities … special pricing!


  • 3”/7.5cm long x ~2”/5cm wide
  • Plastic, with Silicone gaskets
  • Available in Clear, Orange, Yellow or Green
  • Attractively boxed for storage or gift giving
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