Tovolo Blender Scraper

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Why It's Cool: Reaches places no spatula has gone before

There are certain kitchen clean-up jobs that just seem harder than others. One of those is scraping all of the contents out of any jar, bottle, blender, or other container, in fact, that is long and narrow: an ordinary spatula just doesn’t do the job because it is straight and not designed to extract all the contents. What you need is something with an angled head and a flexible tip that can reach down into the container and scrape along all sides, bringing all the deliciousness up with it. If it can also scrape from the side, like a traditional spatula, then that’s a bonus. And we finally found one that does it all…

The Flex-Core Blender Scraper from Tovolo is 13” long with a 15° angle from straight, which is the perfect angle to put the flexible top edge in touch which the sides of the container to drag out every last morsel. And if you need to scrape sideways, you also have flexible edges there that do the trick. And the slender design and offset head make it easy to get underneath the blades of your food processor or blender.

Tovolo Flex-Core tools have a nylon core in the head of its silicone spatulas, creating a spatula that has the rigidity you need for heavy mixing jobs, combined with a flexible edge that gives you the perfect scrape.

This is the perfect Cool Tool to clean out food processors, blenders, jars, etc.; you’ll wonder how you got along this long without it!                                                   


  • Food Safe
  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher safe                                            
  • Heat resistant up to 600° F (315° C)    
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