Charles Viancin Silicone Measuring Cups

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Why It's Cool: Space-saving, flexible and eye-catching measuring cups that are easy to use.

Measuring ingredients is just a necessary fact of life in the kitchen and there are a lot of different measuring vessels that you can use. What you want in a good measuring vessel is something that is easy to hold, easy to read, easy to pour, easy to clean, and accurate. That’s a minimum set of requirements.

Added functionality might include: metric measurements (for those wonderful European recipes), space saving design (so it takes up very little storage space, which is always at a premium), and an easy release interior (so that whatever you’re measuring falls easily into your mixing bowl, pot or pan).

The Charles Viancin Silicone Measuring Cups do all that, and look great while they are doing it! They come in 2 sizes (1-Cup/250ml and 2-Cup/500ml) and 3 designs (Citrus, Kiwi and Watermelon), and each is both beautiful and fun.

What we love about silicone measuring cups is both the space saving features and the fact that when you pinch the sides, it creates a pour spout that doesn’t drip. The measurements are in cups, milliliters and ounces, and are dark enough that they are easy to read. The interior is slick silicone, so that your ingredients release easily, and the insides are smooth, so it’s easy to get every last drop out (for thicker ingredients, the Tovolo Blender Scraper helps with that!), while the outside is textured so it's easier to hold without slipping. The Cups nest into a compact bundle and the oval shape means that it can fit into tighter spaces in your drawer, with a height of just 5 ½”. These are both microwave and oven safe, so you can use them to melt butter or chocolate, or warm ingredients in a water bath.

Great design, great functionality--a true Cool Tool!


  • Pinch sides to create pour-spout
  • Sizes
    • 1-Cup: 4.5"/11.25cm tall, 3.5"/9cm X 3"/7cm oval
    • 2-Cup: 5.5"/14cm tall, 4.25"/10.5cm X 3.5"/9cm oval
  • Nesting, space-saving design
  • 428˚F (220˚C) heat and stain resistant silicone
  • Dishwasher oven and microwave safe
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