Tovolo Flex-Core Spatulas

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Why It's Cool: Flexible, yet strong, mixing and scraping ability with a comfortable stainless steel handle for easy clean-up

Every kitchen needs multiple spatulas … it’s an unavoidable fact of cooking! Wherever anything is, you need a spatula - of one size or another - to scrape or fold one ingredient out of one place into another. This becomes especially important when you have multiple ingredients prepared in advance - your mise-en-place - or folding egg whites, or if you’ve simply measured out one ingredient to go into a larger dish, like a marinade. You’re always going to need multiple spatulas, in various sizes.

There are numerous problems with traditional spatulas: the blades are too soft and flexible for many ingredients, you cannot get a firm grip on the handles, they’re either too big or too small for the task at hand, they don’t clean-up well, and some wooden handles deteriorate with repeated washings, especially in the dishwasher. We’ve discovered a solution to each of these issues … the Flex-Core spatulas with stainless steel handles, from Tovolo.

All these spatulas feature tapered stainless steel handles with heat resistant BPA-free food grade silicone blades and a nylon inner core to deliver highly efficient firmness to the blade that will help you mix the most challengingly dense ingredients. The ergonomically comfortable handles assure a good grip for maximum effectiveness. In order to keep it simple (and save space in your kitchen), we’re offering five form factors - all in Candy Apple Red. The ‘traditional spatula’ shape comes in 2 sizes: Regular (12 ⅝”/32cm overall length) and Mini (9”/23cm) (in a 2-piece set). And the “Spoonula” shape - with a concave blade and one straight edge to facilitate scraping the edge of your bowl or other container or spreading onto any surface - comes in a ‘Regular’ length (12½”/32cm) and in the Mini set. And the extremely versatile and effective “Jar Scraper” (10¾”/27.5cm length) shape - a sort of blend between a spatula and a spoonula - features a 1⅜”/3.5cm wide blade that fits in between almost anything (e.g. the blades of your blender), for maximum versatility in your kitchen. All these are heat-resistant to 600F/315C, allowing you to use them in cooking, without fear of melting.

These are the last spatulas you will ever need: you can use them to cook and stir, and to scrape almost anything from anywhere. The design and materials allow extra-easy cleanup, by hand or in the dishwasher. And for a super-thorough cleansing, you can pull-off the heads and put the blade and the handle separately into your dishwasher, to be easily reassembled later.

These are ‘simply the best’! … Basic classic design, executed with modern materials, to deliver all the functionality you will need under almost every situation that requires a ‘spatula’: from the cooktop to scraping and folding ingredients from the largest bowl, to the almost-smallest jar (in some cases, you may need the Last Drop to recover the very last drop!), these are very Cool Tools! Toss the rest and use the best!


  • Stainless Steel handles
  • Food grade Silicone blades
  • Heat Resistant  to 600F/315C
  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher safe
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