Tovolo Scoop & Spread

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Why It's Cool: Gets the last drop out of your jar, and then spreads it on your...toast, bagel, etc

Ever since we were on the Fast Metabolism Diet, and we realized that

  1. Sprouted grain bread has significant health benefits over even whole grain bread, and

  2. Making your own nut butter is easy, delicious, and a great source of protein,

our go-to quick breakfast has become a slice of sprouted grain toast spread with pecan butter.

That brings us to the subject of spreaders: those flat wide-bladed utensils that spread anything from pecan butter to cream cheese to marmalade to …: better than a plain knife, but that haven’t been improved upon for years… until now!

I have to admit, when I first saw the Tovolo Scoop & Spread, I thought, “Why would I want a tool that both scrapes, with one end, and spreads, with the other end; won’t that get stuff all over my hands?” But we have a lot of respect for the people at Tovolo, so when they said, “Just try it”, we agreed. I didn’t think much about it until I realized that every time I needed to spread something on toast, or bread or a cracker, I reached for this. And when a jar was nearing empty, I found the scraping end (a silicone curved spatula, from the people who know spatulas) indispensable. And never once have I gotten stuff on my hands, even when using both ends!

So what is the Tovolo Scoop & Spread? At one end it is an incredibly well-designed flexible, curved, silicone spatula, that is very effective for getting the last bit of nut butter, jam, or other spread out of almost any container--it even gets into the corners. At the other end, it’s a wide (1.5”/3.8cm), flat nylon spreader that is sturdy enough to spread even cold cream cheese or the densest homemade nut butter. And the wide rounded handle in between assures a good grip and adequate leverage, so you won’t get your hands messy having to grab the other (dirty) end of the tool. It’s one tool you’ll reach for time and again, and wonder how you got along without it!

Clever and effective design, superb functionality … in short, this is a Cool Tool!


  • Scoop end is made of heat-resistant silicone (to 600°F)
  • Nylon spreader makes it easy to spread jellies, jams, butter, and soft cheeses
  • 11" long
  • Oversized handle keeps hands clean
  • Dishwasher safe
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