Fox Run Brands Corn Crib

Why It's Cool: Screw threads securely grip the corn cob for a better hold; case keeps them all together

Ah summer, and with it the glory of fresh corn! And if you’re eating it on the cob, you want corn holders to protect your fingers!

These essential “handles” have been around forever, and we’ve all had various types in our drawers. The single-prong models gradually evolved to double prongs, but both of those designs had the same issues: they were sharp, they stored loose and therefore unsafely, they didn’t always stay inserted into the ends of the cob, and because of the metal, you couldn't use them in the microwave.

That was the state of the art until recently. Now we’ve found a design that addresses all those issues, and more: a very Cool Tool!

The Corn Crib from Fox Run Brands not only has corn holders with a tapered screw that firmly embeds itself into either end of the cob, and stays put, but it comes with it's own storage container. This means there's no hunting in the drawer for the last (or several last) holders when you're ready to enjoy a wonderful cob of corn! The handles are ergonomically shaped with comfortable grips that can go into the microwave (see Cool Tip: Undressing Your Corn) and stay cool when they come out. The Corn Holders come in a set of 4 pairs in attractive colors and are microwave, stove-top and dishwasher safe.

In short: this is a clever patented design that performs its function in a uniquely efficient fashion: resolving all the old issues and solving more ...all executed in modern materials that are safe and convenient … the essence of a very Cool Tool!


  • Set of 8 (4 pairs), in 4 colors
  • Custom case for storage and picnics

  • Threaded prongs screw easily into corn cobs

  • Boilable, microwavable & dishwasher-safe

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