fusionbrands ServeItUp (Serving Pedestal)

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Why It's Cool: Creates an elegant elevated server without the storage problems

One of the key elements to creating a beautiful table is the subtle use of height--it adds a dimension (both literally and figuratively) to the look of your table. But as elegant as footed plates may be, you know that storing them is a nightmare. And then if you want to change the look, you have to buy another footed plate...and where do you put that?

Well, the folks at fusionbrands have come up with an incredibly clever solution…

The fusionbrands ServeItUp is a white porcelain base in 2 sizes that securely attaches by suction to any flat-bottomed non-porous plate or bowl, making an instant, elegant footed server. You can even stack them to create even more height and serving levels. Then with a simple tug on the tab of the suction cup, you release your plate or bowl to be washed and stored easily.

This can really take your table to new heights! A Cool Tool indeed.


  • Porcelain base with suction cup
  • Works on any flat-bottomed, non-porous plate or bowl
  • Small base is approximately 3 ¾” x 3 ¾” and holds plates from 6”-8”
  • Large base is approximately 5” x 4 ¾” and holds plates from 10”-12”
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