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Why It's Cool: One-handed access to soft butter

How many mornings have you fought with hard cold butter, just to get a decent slice of buttered toast? Or what about the last time you made a grilled cheese sandwich (yum!) and wanted to spread a little butter on the bread before you grilled it? All of these problems stem from the fact that we have all been under the erroneous impression that we needed to keep butter cold in the refrigerator in order to ward off evil germs.

Well, the folks at Butterie (makers of the truly better butter dish) challenged that assumption and commissioned an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory to perform a study that determined that butter can be stored without refrigeration - at ‘ambient temperatures’ of 68F/20C - 77F/25C - for up to 21 days, without danger of microbiological spoilage or rancidity. Then they developed a butter dish that took advantage of those conclusions and created an on-counter home for your butter.

The Butterie™ butter dish is fundamentally different from those glass butter dishes that many of us grew up with: you know the ones that always seemed greasy, with butter on the edges of the lid, because you almost couldn’t take the lid off without putting it in contact with the butter. And those differences between the Butterie and your mother’s butter dish make a … big difference in performance! This is definitely a Cool Tool!

The Butterie is a one-piece single-color design that features an attached lid that flips open without coming in contact with the butter. It has a handle on the front for easy non-messy opening and closing, and it detaches for easy cleaning in the dishwasher. The Butterie also has a pair of handles on each end of the base for clean and easy movement of the closed unit. The Butterie comes with a separate spreader - ~6”/15.24cm long, in matching color, and no sharp edges to cut the dish or a user! - that rests conveniently on the front of the unit. And the inside of the lid features a ‘back wall’ for scraping the spreader clean of excess butter! The inside/under the lid area -   2¼”/5.7cm x 5¼”/13.3cm - will accommodate most ‘standard’ US butter sizes.

The constant availability of room-temperature butter will assure that your morning toast - or whenever you enjoy buttered toast! - will be thoroughly and evenly buttered, whether saturated as I prefer, or lightly but deliciously flavored, and you’ll be prepared to enjoy the next slice, if the urge overwhelms …!

The Butterie is definitely a well-designed, highly functional Cool Tool … get one for your kitchen, and more to give as house gifts - with a stick of good butter, of course - for your next overnight visit with family and friends.


  • Overall length: 9”/23cm
  • Height: 3”/8cm
  • Depth: 5½”/14cm
  • BPA-free Plastic
  • Dishwasher and Microwave safe
  • US and foreign patents pending
  • Offered in Red, White, Blue, Black, Ivory, and Taupe
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